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MLA Member Hotline: (800) 747-6529

You want to sell building materials, not deal with regulations and red tape. That’s where we come in. MLA is your business partner that answers your questions, advocates for your business and provides programs and services to make it easier for you to do business. We solve problems and help you become more profitable.

MLA effectively supports your day-to-day operations with a hotline that provides access to a team of experts to address key questions you have about your business, including accounting (tax, wage & salary), legal (contracts, employee issues, liens, collections) and regulatory questions (OSHA, EPA, transportation and others).

MLA invests in an employee advantage program that enables you to consistently retain the very best people. MLA annually provides estimating training. Education opportunities abound, and include the new Online Campus, delivering precisely focused training with high employee business impact. And, our relationship with State Fair Community College offers you the opportunity to provide a comprehensive educational curriculum for short-term needs as well as a degree program specifically for our industry. Other education opportunities also include our ability to deliver effective business advisors from both inside and outside the industry to grow your business.

MLA creates high impact dealer advocacy representing you on key policy and program issues and works closely to influence regulatory agencies and legislators to achieve the very best outcome for independent dealers.

MLA has three categories of membership:

  1. Retail dealer (Application PDF) – For dealers operating one or two yards.
  2. Line yard dealer (Application PDF) – Dealers operating three or more yards.
  3. Associates (Application PDF) – Manufacturers, distributors and service providers with products and services for the retail dealer.
  4. Retired members (Application PDF) – Industry retirees who would like to stay current in the industry.

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