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On February 12, 1889, at the magnificent Centropolis Hotel on the corner of 5th and Grand in Kansas City, thirteen businessmen gathered to find a solution to a perplexing problem they all shared. The goals they set in 1889 still apply - to make the Association one of mutual benefit for all dealers in a profitable as well as social way.

10 Reasons to Belong to MLA

  1. Interact with real people in the industry. Despite the increase in the use of e-mail and web technologies for communicating with others, face-to-face interaction will never be extinct. While we're strong advocates of technological advancement, associations serve as your primary link to colleagues, allowing you to put names with faces and keeping you in touch with who's doing what.
  2. Sharpen your skills. By attending educational sessions, seminars, conferences and visiting exhibits and expositions, you'll stay on top of your professional game. Taking advantage of your association's educational opportunities allows you to update your crucial job skills for the future.
  3. Keep up with new laws and regulations. You can keep attuned to the legislative and regulatory issues affecting your bottom line. Your association will continue monitoring these pertinent issues and let you know when to take action.
  4. Get frequent updates on industry changes. As change occurs at a faster pace, keeping track of the latest industry techniques and trends will be difficult. However, through publications, educational sessions and web sites, you'll hear about the newest innovations. With this information, you can do your job in a more timely and more economical manner.
  5. Industry Standards. With constant changes occurring in the work place, standards will continually need updating, and you'll need to know if you or your business is in sound standing. Your association will keep you informed and assist you in meeting those requirements.
  6. Increase your clout. Associations are a great place to build a name for yourself. Although you may not feel you're moving ahead in your current job, getting and remaining involved in industry and professional activities will bring you to another level in your career.
  7. Save time and money. When seeking ideas and know-how for a specific project, don't reinvent the wheel. Your association has the tools and information resources to point you in the right direction, saving you valuable time and money.
  8. Receive quality services. As the lines begin to blur between customer and member service, associations are focusing on how they can provide top-notch assistance. When you need help, whether it's for personal or professional gain, count on your association to provide one-stop guidance so you can get the job done.
  9. Find business partners. As acquisitions and mergers occur at a more frequent pace and strategic alliances and partnerships become the norm, you'll most likely find a sound business partner through your association.
  10. Anticipate and prepare for your future. Associations envision how the industry or profession will look in the coming years. While you're focusing on maintaining your daily operations, your association is looking at what's to come and will provide you with opportunities.

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