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The MLA Co-op Program offers:


Lowest pricing available

  • Visa/MC Cost-up billing
  • 20 percent cost reductions on average
  • Free enrollment to members


  • Free reprogramming on existing equipment
  • New technology available to lower cost
  • Wireless technology for cell phones
  • PC integration and virtual terminals
  • Shopping carts for web sites

Program Requirements

  • Exclusive to members only
  • One month V/MC statement for analysis
  • We'll provide free cost comparison
  • Fax statement to Sam Nardi at 815-455-5317

Free Education

  • Knowledge of card types
  • Different methods of entries
  • On-line report capabilities
  • Quarterly reviews

Ongoing Training and Support

  • On-site and tele-training included for lasting results
  • Full staff education on card types
  • Full staff education on card entries
  • Review with staff results

Have questions? Just call Sam Nardi at 847-219-6711.

Fax statements for analysis to: 815-455-5317



(TriSource Solutions LLC is a registered MSP/ISO for Merrick Bank Corp., Woodbury, NY 11797)

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